Sunday, 3 September 2017

Student Writing


She heard a knock…. She got up and looked around herself, nothing was there, only the darkness of the night sky and the silhouette of stars reflecting on the water’s surface. She lay down again, looking up at the sky, memorised by the star covered sky. Suddenly the knock happened again, then the boat lop sided and fell upside down. Frances frantically swam to the surface of the water, panicking and trying to yell, but she was too scared and she only silently squealed. A large shadowy “thing” swallowed the boat under the water as it snapped in half at the force of it’s jaw. The halves of the boat didn’t float to the surface. This “thing” didn’t come back to the surface either. Francis needed something to grip onto so she could float and take a break from trying to stay on the surface.

She tried to swim towards the wharf but the dark shadow of the “creature” or “thing” loomed under her, waiting. It just waited there, under where she was, waiting for the one opportunity to get her at any moment. Francis took this like a ticket and swam towards the wharf. She felt the brush of water behind her as the “creature” followed her every move. It’s eyes or “voids of light” glowed a shade of crimson red, eyeing her every move. She didn’t look back to see it but she knew it was there. “I knew I shouldn’t of gone this far into the lake”. This thought echoed through her head, hollowing and killing all other thoughts that were in her mind.

The “creature” lunged up above the water, it was three times bigger than her. It’s long, slender body curved like a cat when it is about to hit the ground. A scream escaped Frances’s mouth as she looked up at the creature. It resembled an Eel. Glowing crimson eyes, long slender body, electric yellow stripes, neon blue body colour and the sound of electricity zapping from it’s mouth, everything about this creature was terrifying. It’s grip just missed her, it splashed into the water. The force of the splash made Francis shoot over next to the wharf. She struggled to keep her balance when she got up onto the wharf.

She looked back, the moon and the stars reflection resting on the water's surface like a quilt. The slight wind blew on her face as she stood there. Her clothes and hair soaking completely. A shiver ran down her spine as she jogged back to her tent…. “Am I dreaming? A living nightmare? If I tell anyone, they’ll think I’m going crazy!! I need to say something… but what?” she couldn’t quite wrap her mind around what just happened. But she knew, never to go out on the water at night, especially alone ever again. A definitely enraged rawr echoed across the water from the deep abyss in the gloomy dark water.

By Lily Lewis-de Treend


Everything was dark. Francis grabbed her lantern and bolted towards the water. She jumped in the row boat and paddled to the middle of the lake. Francis was quiet. Even the water was silent. She ran all the way to the lake just to watch the stars sit gracefully in the sky. Just to breathe in fresh air.

Francis frantically floated on the surface of the water. She looked up at the sky just laying in the row boat, smoking on her cig. The stars looked beautiful and Francis was finally happy to be alone for once, but all of a sudden there was a knock on the bottom of the row boat that shook it. Scared, Francis sat up quickly leaned over the row boat edge and stared down into the dark wavy abyss scanning it looking for movement in the water.

Suddenly something dashed rapidly under the boat and up the lake then turned back around whipping the boat and flipping it over, like there was no tomorrow. The water lit up and something hit her. She pulled her head up out of the water, tried to climb on top of the upside down boat, something grabbed her leg again and pulled her aggressively back down into the water.

She struggled to get herself back up, she tried to pull her leg out of the things grasp… When her head was out of the water she screamed “Am I going to die tonight?!?” For the 5th time this thing grabbed both of her legs and pulled her down to the bottom of the lake at 300 feet.

Her screams started to fade away as she got drawn to the bottom of the abyss. Her endless sorrows left her as she went further down. She was closing her eyes every pull closer like she was going to sleep.

Her family awoke the next day worried and wondering where she had gone, they looked all day but couldn’t find her…. Who was next?

By Charlotte and Mary-Jane

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