Friday, 10 February 2017

WEEKS 1 - 2

Where have the past two weeks gone?! We have been super busy getting to know each other, establishing classroom routines, organising stationary, setting up our Chromebooks, testing... the list goes on.

From a teachers perspective it has been great to see a positive classroom culture form where students are valuing what their peers bring to the classroom. Whether that is language and culture, interests, or experiences. 

Week 2 has been a busy week for testing. I wanted to get all testing out of the way and marked so we can start our group rotations and workshops. We have a lot to work on this year so it's important we establish a strong routine as soon as possible.

Modigliani Portraits using black paper and pastel. We used our Chromebooks to find out about Modigliani and presented our research in a google document. 

Concentration at its finest. Hamuera did a super job with his portrait!

The final masterpieces! 

In groups we brainstormed ideas for our Classroom Treaty, and chose the top 6 rules that we feel are most essential to us as a whanau. We are in the process of creating the treaty which will be displayed in our classroom. 

Pathways Assembly

At the end of each Pathways day we have an Assembly that includes the whole Tunohopu whanau. Students have the opportunity to present what they have been up to in their Pathways. Its a time of celebration and recognises those who have received a Fast n Furious (reward). 

>> Here we have Y7 Brayden showing courage as he speaks to his whanau for the first time. Ka pai!

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